Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries

From the day you sustain an injury until the day you return to your beloved sport, we can assist you. We strive to accurately diagnose injuries as well as find the original cause, enabling us to not only treat and rehabilitate the injury but to correct the underlying cause. Basically, getting to the real root of the problem. The aim is to get you back to 100% health, although sometimes our patients are even stronger after rehab than before! We also focus on preventing the same injury from happening again; we do this through rehabilitation and education.

Post-Operative Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Be it a knee replacement, an Achilles repair or a shoulder rotator cuff repair, we've got you covered. Treatment begins with the management of pain, and any swelling and stiffness from the operation, as well as restoring your range of movement. From there we take you through your own full recovery and strengthening programme. For this purpose, we have a small gym available with all the necessary equipment required for your rehabilitation. Every patient leaves their sessions with a personalised exercise programme - whether you follow it or not is up to you!

Postural and Biomechanical Screening for Injury Prevention

Why wait to get injured? We can prevent injuries and optimise performance by assessing predisposing factors through thorough postural and biomechanical assessment. Even if it is the many hours spent at your desk causing your injury, we can address that too!

Gait Analysis and Running Specific Programmes

We specialise in running injuries. There are so many intrinsic and extrinsic factors causing injury in runners. Due to the repetitive nature of road running even slight alterations in biomechanics or running style could lead to injury. We do all the necessary detective work to get to the bottom of your injury - which is quite often just that – your bottom! Most runners’ need a good gluteal and core-strengthening programme to correct their running gait and prevent injury. We offer preventative strengthening programmes for runners in individual or group settings and also offer advice on running shoes, referring you to a specialised Orthotist if orthotics are recommended.

Manual Therapy and Dry Needling

We believe in a hands-on approach to treatment. Massage and myofascial release are still extremely effective therapies, which we use with all our patients. We also use dry needling on trigger points (knots) to release them instantly. Dry needling has been a mainstream physiotherapy treatment in South Africa for almost 20 years now and is without a doubt the most effective way to relieve myofascial pain and trigger points. We will happily discuss this with you in greater detail at your next appointment. 


The practice is equipped with the traditional electrotherapy modalities such as ultrasound, interferential current, TENS and muscle stimulation. We will use the "machines" when they are indicated and are the modality of choice for your treatment programme. Electrotherapy can be extremely effective when used in conjunction with the right manual therapy and rehabilitation. 

Shockwave Therapy

We finally have a way of treating chronic tendinopathies such as tennis elbow, achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis effectively. In the past, recovery would take a minimum of six to eighteen months. Shockwave Therapy can reduce the recovery time to approximately 6 weeks and even prevent surgery in less severe cases. This new therapy is so incredible that it deserves its own page! You can find more information here.


Louise Ferreira heads up our Pilates classes. We have small classes of up to 4 patients so that everyone can get the individual attention they need. Whether you are trying to improve your lung capacity, core strength, stability or flexibility, Pilates is definitely for you. Our clients range from competitive sports people to those recovering from surgery or managing chronic conditions. We have men and women in our classes, of all ages, shapes and sizes. Most of our clients start to notice an improvement in general health and sporting ability within a few weeks. Louise has been in the health industry for over ten years as a dietitian and a fitness instructor. She has a passion for holistic health and says that one of her greatest joys is simply making people move. While her classes are known to be quite challenging, they are also a lot of fun! Louise has an individualistic approach and takes great care to ensure that everyone is working at their particular level and catered for.

Classes currently take place on Wednesdays - 16:00pm and 17:00. We will be adding new classes soon, so please contact us for further information.